Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hear and Now to be shown at Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester native Irene Taylor Brodsky will attend a showing of Hear and Now on June 14 at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The film won the audience choice award at this year's Sundance film festival.

An intimate memoir, Hear and Now tells the story of Taylor Brodsky’s deaf parents, Paul and Sally Taylor, and their decision at the age of 65 to undergo risky cochlear implant surgery, a procedure that could give them the ability to hear. The film follows their complicated journey from a comfortable world of silence to a new and profoundly challenging world of sound.

The June 14 screening has special meaning to Taylor Brodsky because the proceeds from this event will benefit a scholarship in her parents’ honor to support deaf and hard-of-hearing film and animation students at RIT.

FWIW, lists Hear and Now with no release date.

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