Friday, November 21, 2008

Nokia HS-67WL Loopset

Nokia announced the development of a new bluetooth loopset for cochlear implant and hearing aid users:

"Enjoy audio clarity with the Nokia Wireless Loopset. With a T-coil equipped hearing aid or cochlear implant, this practical device can help hearing aid users to enjoy excellent audio quality and handsfree operation. Mobile calls can be accessed wirelessly through the hearing aid via Bluetooth technology and a single button does all the call handling."

The HS-67WL will be released in 2009.


Garry said...
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Garry said...

This is excellent news.

I currently have a Nokia 6131 and use an LPS-4 loopset which is a excellent combination. It gives unrivalled clarity on both my cochlear implant and regular hearing aid. I use the handsfree function to take calls while driving and listen to music through it.

However I now wish to upgrade phones but the newer phones do not have a pop-port like my LPS-4 connects to.

I have selected the Nokia 3610 fold as my new phone model and believe that this will work on Bluetooth with the LPS-5 (HS_67WL). Fold phones work best for me without the loopset connected because the separation distance between the aerial and the earpiece is greater and there is less interference than with non-fold phones.

I understand release of the LPS-5 will be in May 2009